The Moleskine Artist Marketplace, or the Moleskine “ArtMart” is an online community commerce platform where artists that use Moleskine notebooks to express their creativity can now customize and sell Moleskine notebook covers and sell them directly to consumers to use and enjoy.

Creative customization of Moleskine notebooks covers was occurring spontaneously across the web so we thought it could be useful to provide a single place to exchange this creativity between the “artists” and the “fans” . Particularly since in addition Moleskine receives inquiries from customers around the world asking us for personalized or customized Moleskine notebooks.

More recently, we’ve also experienced the ever-increasing pleasure and frequency of online users posting and sharing imagery of their creative customized Moleskine notebooks and designing covers. The volume and reach of these personalized products has been inspirational - exceeding the range of inventiveness, originality, quality and artistry that Moleskine could ever predict.

The Moleskine Artist Marketplace aims to match what people are looking for with the talent of our users. We are creating this platform to help satisfy the growing demands of our consumers while channeling the revenues directly to our creatively dedicated Moleskine community.

The Moleskine ArtMart is different from other online commerce sites because it is exclusively for custom-designed Moleskine notebook products with a known audience of Moleskine customers.