Music Moleskine by Andrea Musso

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A few words about this product from the artist

Music on my Moleskine collection: one original sketch of the musician Mark Messenger, illustration drawing live in the concert (no signature in this version).

Portraits of international musicians taken during concerts, festivals and performances; both the drawings and the music are "live". "I've never played any instrument nor sung, I can't read a score; on the contrary, I don't know music at all, and I'm not even sure I'm able to appreciate it. I do love listening to music, particularly I love watching musicians because I'm convinced that music is in the body and in the face of people who play it: the passion, the enjoyment, the strain, this is about music but has nothing to do with scores, technique (even if, maybe, technique is a form of strain, too). Therefore I listen and watch, I let myself go to melodies I don't know, and I do the most natural thing for me: I record those faces, hands, instruments in my sketchbook so I can look at them later and re-live them, in peace and quiet. From an abbey to a smokey club, from a castle to the square of a village, from a church to a street where strolling musicians play, my Moleskine is always with me: it has travelled throughout Italy, half of Europe and a pretty big piece of the world. And it loves music, maybe more than I do."

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