How to buy or sell

How to buy

How can I buy an item on the Moleskine Artist Marketplace?

Step 1: Browse the ArtMart website and SELECT the Moleskine notebook you want from the product pages.

Step 2: BUY the selected notebook using your PayPal account. Choose the country you want the item shipped to and submit your order. Note: You must have an active PayPal account and purchase directly from the artist seller. PayPal may not allow shipping to destinations that vary from the PayPal account address.

Step 3: Wait to RECEIVE your one-of-a-kind notebook. A confirmation email will be sent to you, and the artist who created the selected notebook will ship it directly to you.

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How to sell

I want to become a new seller. What do I need to do? Three steps:

Step 1: CREATE a customized Moleskine notebook using any artistic technique you like.

Step 2: Upload details and photos of your creation to DISPLAY it on your very own artist page.

Step 3: Sell your work via PayPal and SHIP it directly to the buyer.

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