Bionic Beauty

""Get a pen. Write this down. E M E T I B. You got that?... Okay, now reverse it." ~Sydney Bristow"

A few words about the artist

Howdy! I’m Jami, alias ‘Bionic Beauty’.

I am a work-at-home blogger, website designer and graphic artist. I get my kicks from writing HTML, CSS, creating vector drawings and other geeky endeavors.

My free time is spent making costumes, crafting, journaling & sketching in my Moleskines, playing ARGs, writing (more) html, reading books, and reading more books on my Kindle. I'm a total geeky fangirl of JJ Abrams, NCIS, Torchwood, HP, Twilight, Mac, BSG, Publix and Android.

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Stay Bionic,

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