Heidi Burton

"Imaginer, illustrator, writer of Haiku, do-er of good deeds, drinker of tea, maker of strangers."

A few words about the artist

I'm Heidi Burton, a freelance illustrator creating artwork from my London home. I graduated with a degree in Illustration during 2007 from Kent Institute of Art and Design, UK.

You can find out more about my work on my art blog: http://heidiburton.wordpress.com

I own around 60 personal journals full of drawings, ideas, and writings. I take one everywhere. Somewhere along the way altering journals has become an obsession! One of my personal journals was exhibited by Moleskine in London & Tokyo, and my series of Brother's Grimm inspired journals were exhibited at the Colouring Outside The Lines exhibition in Bradford. Also one of my Goblin Market journals was showcased in the Guardian Observer newspaper recently, which was a lovely surprise!

I'm interested in folktales, nature, music, literature and poetry, and these themes feature in my illustrations often. I've been altering and illustrating Moleskine journals for about 4 years now, it's been fun experimenting and evolving my ideas, and conjuring up new concepts for the notebooks.

At the moment all the journals I alter/illustrate are one-of-a-kind designs, using Moleskine kraft/tan cahier pocket notebooks with plain pages. If you have any questions or custom requests please contact me at: heidi.burton[at]gmail.com

Please read my shipping information before making a purchase. Thanks for looking!

Notebooks on sale

1 custom Moleskine notebook