"FURTIVE GALERY is presenting original Moleskine's stickings/collages art pieces"

A few words about the artist

Founded in Paris, France, in 2011 by Léa Santamaria and Grégoire Diehl, Furtive Galerie is specialised in sticking and collage artpieces .to be exhibited in urban furtivs places The first exhibition organized in a parisian lavomatic is based on an Norvegian artist collages made in Moleskines, in France and Spain.
Some of his artpieces are presented on this website.
Ogininals pieces Furtive Galerie is selling here are 2 original pages re-mounted in a new Moleskine or limited DeLux prints.
For other artists stickings and collages (not in Moleskines), please wright to [contact at smoothcore dot fr].
Furtive Gallerie.

Notebooks on sale

1 custom Moleskine notebook

    No Moleskine notebooks available