stella sbilenca

"Nothing is perfect but everything is "sbilenco" (crooked) "

A few words about the artist

Stella Sbilenca was born on Halloween night 1977 in Switzerland. She soon realized Halloween was not properly celebrated in Switzerland so she promptly moved to Liguria, Italy where at least they have pesto and focaccia (if you don’t know what Stella’s talking about, please find out - you’ll be happy!)
After years of great food she needed something different so she moved to Milan where there’s no focaccia but there’s fog. It confused things to be in a place where “anything could happen”-- you could argue this is the ideal place to create.
Stella draws, creates and likes to be involved in unusual projects.
That’s why, if you had the chance to see her CV, you’ll discover several activities from volunteer clown, photographer of small and interesting things, sensorial design teacher, and luxury lingerie seller, just to name a few of her passions.
Her main inspiration is women and their obsession to be perfect. Stella already understands nothing is perfect, but everything is “sbilenco” (crooked).
Still, she thinks we can all be Stars.

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