About moleskine artist marketplace

The Moleskine Artist Marketplace is an online community commerce platform where fans and artists who use Moleskine notebooks to express their creativity can buy and sell one-of-a-kind customized Moleskine notebooks, journals and planners.

Background to the moleskine artist marketplace

In recent years, Moleskine has increasingly had the pleasure of seeing online users posting and sharing images of their creative customized Moleskine notebooks and covers. The volume and reach of these personalized artworks has been inspirational, exceeding anything we could have predicted in terms of creativity, originality and quality.

With the creative customization of Moleskine notebook covers occurring spontaneously among our users every day, and with Moleskine often receiving inquiries from customers around the world asking us for personalized or customized Moleskine notebooks, we decided to create a dedicated, central hub to enable transactions between artists and fans.

Moleskine Artist Marketplace aims to match what people are looking for with the creative talent of our users. We have created this platform to help satisfy the growing demands of our consumers, while channeling the revenues directly to our creatively dedicated Moleskine community.

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